Cameo Pizza LogoMenu Notes

Please Make Note Of This Menu Information Before Ordering!

  • Our pizza is traditionally served with thin style crust. We do offer thick crust upon demand and wheat crust is also available.

  • We have 4 Pizza sizes: Large (15"), Medium (12"), Small (9"), Baby (7").

  • Our pizza is traditionally cut into strips with 16, 12, 10, and 8 pieces for a Large, Medium, Small, and Baby size pizzas. If you want your pizza cut in a different shape (pie, square, etc.) just ask when ordering.

  • We offer 10 pizzas and 22 different kinds of toppings.

  • The Cameo Special, Cameo Vegetarian, Cameo Deluxe and the O'Della's Choice all offer optional toppings of Hot Peppers, Anchovies, and/or Sauerkraut.

  • The Cameo Chicken Delicacy substitutes either "Hot" sauce or "BBQ" sauce instead of the regular pizza sauce. Please specify when ordering.

  • The Cameo Chicken Alfredo substitutes white "Alfredo" sauce instead of the regular pizza sauce.

  • The Cameo Chicken White substitutes white pizza sauce instead of the regular pizza sauce.

  • The Cameo Ranch substitutes ranch pizza sauce instead of the regular pizza sauce.

  • The Cameo Zesty Mexican substitutes "Taco" sauce instead of the regular pizza sauce and includes sides of sour cream and is topped off with shredded lettuce.

  • By tradition, Banana Peppers are referred to as "Hot Peppers" on our menu. We also carry Jalapenos as a topping.

  • We serve fresh mushrooms by default on our pizza. We also carry canned mushrooms and can substitute upon request.

  • Bread Sticks, Cheese Sticks, and Garlic Bread include a side of pizza sauce. Additional sauce costs extra. Our Bread Sticks are covered with garlic butter and are 8" long sticks. Our Cheese Sticks are breaded mozzarella and are 3 1/2" long sticks. Our Garlic Bread or "Cheesy Bread" is a small 9" pizza covered with our garlic sauce and cheese.

  • All salads include a dressing. Additional dressing costs extra.

  • Large salads come with two sides of dressing and small salads one.

Sandwiches & Subs
  • The majority of our sandwiches and subs are served hot with a dressing on the side with the exception of our "Hero" and "Chicken Wrap" which get topped off with Creamy Italian dressing.

  • All of our subs are served on a 8" long hoggie bun with the exception of our Cameo Wraps which are served on Chiabatta pita bread.

  • All of our subs and wraps are served with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Additional toppings cost extra.

  • The Pizza sub is served with pizza sauce, cheese, and your choice of 2 toppings. Additional toppings cost extra.

Soft Drinks
  • We carry Pepsi and Coke products based on store preference. All drinks are usually served in individual 20oz bottles. Some stores may also carry 2 liter bottles. Dine-in stores will also have fountain pop available.

  • Delivery fee is $2.25 minimum and in certain areas within a 5 five mile radius of the store.  An additional delivery fee may be applied for deliveries outside the 5 five mile radius.

  • We reserve the right to refuse delivery service to any customer outside the 5 mile delivery radius.

  • A minimum $8 purchase must be made for delivery. This applies to all coupons and gift certificates as well.

  • Gift certificate purchases are non-deliverable unless the total amount due meets the $8 minimum for delivery.

  • Delivery fee does not include a drivers tip and we encourage all of our customers to tip our drivers.

  • All coupons must be called in with the customer order prior to delivery. We reserve the right not to accept any coupon that's not listed on the order receipt.

  • We usually stop taking delivery orders 10 minutes prior to the store closing.