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Pepperoni PizzaWhy does our pizza taste so good? It starts with a secret family recipe for our pizza sauce and dough, a recipe perfected over 62 Years Of Being In The Food Service Business. In addition, only the Freshest Of Ingredients are used daily to make our sauce and dough. We use only 100% real mozzarella cheese on our pizza, vine-ripened tomatoes in our sauce, and the best herbs and spices. The ingredients that go into our sauce and dough must adhere to the Strictest Of Quality Standards. We care so much about the quality of our pizza that we prepare all of our sauce and dough daily at our Main Store to insure freshness and great taste.

Since we First Opened In 1936, our goal has been to serve better tasting pizza. By staying committed to our "Formula For Success" Experience, Tradition, Family Values, Quality Products, And Customer Satisfaction, we hope to pass some of our success on to you by delivering great tasting pizza. Come Visit Us try our pizza and see for yourself! If you are interest in learning more about our company and our pizza, please Contact Us we would be happy to speak with you.