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Expanding Our Services To Help You!

Whether you need help organizing a party or expanding your business advertising, Cameo Pizza is here to help you. We're now offering the following programs to assist you with your personal or business adventures. Please feel free to Contact Us anytime and we'll be happy to speak with you.

Private Parties
Need a place to throw a private party? Whether it be a birthday, retirement, or if you just want to gather privately with a few friends, we have just the place for you. Our Sandusky store offers a private upstairs party room capable of sitting 50 plus people, complete with a bar, cable TVs, big screen TV with VCR, video games and restrooms. You can have great tasting pizza, a private place to party, and we'll cater to your every need. Just call our Sandusky store for further details and reservations.

Co-Op Business Advertising
Need a way to expand your business advertising without spending a lot? Consider this...we sell thousands of pizzas each week with direct access to our customers? Let our customer base be a potential source of new income for your business. It's a simple concept, you help promote our business and we'll help promote yours. We can display or distribute your coupons, flyers, and other promotional material in our stores or with every pizza order we sell. All we ask is that you do the same for us which usually includes just displaying our menu and/or passing out our pizza coupons. It's a win-win situation with advertising costs usually equaling just the cost of printing promotional material.

Dough Processing
We just recently built a new dough processing facility located in Sandusky. The new facility was built to accommodate our expanding pizza business. The facility is complete with all new equipment including a high capacity dough making machine and storage cooler. If you're looking for a new dough supplier or for an emergency back up supplier, please consider using our services. We currently have excess capacity and would be more than capable of meeting your dough processing requirements.